Guizhou Yunque Automobile

The Ministry of Aero Space Industry started car production in an aircraft factory in Guizhou province in 1993 under the brand name Yunque (aka Skylark). From 1994 the 658 cc Subaru Vivio was assembled as GHK 7070.

Production numbers were very low, as there were a lot of start-up problems. Form 1994 the Yunque GHK 7080 (also sold as Huaxing YM 6390) was made in small quantities, and the GHK 7100 test model appeared in the same year. New efforts to raise the production started with the introduction of the GHK 7060A in 1998, a mini-car somewhat larger than the original GHK 7060.

But even at the end of 2001, car production was on a very low scale in Guizhou: about 1000 units per year were made. In 2001 the GHK 7071 WOW (Wings of Wind) version appeared, using the Subaru electronic multi-point injection technology on the EN07 4 cylinder engine. Production is still minimal, only 1282 cars were made in 2003.


Yunque photos

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